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Russian Ties ™ Necktie XL


Aside from being a great novelty necktie, this is a quality tie featuring a soft microfiber finish. Fully lined and bar tacked at both ends it represents great quality as well as content! Tie measures 3 1/8″ wide.
Buy this as a gag gift for Dems and Republicans alike, or make a political statement & keep it as a collector’s item that reflects this era. Don’t miss out on getting a commemorative piece of history!
Some extra points to ponder about this tie:
  • Russian Ties™ are designed to make it simple to tape the backing (Scotch™ Tape sold separately!)
  • You can tie this tie extra long so that it hangs down to mid-zipper level
  • In the right light and if you squint, it looks like a giant exclamation point!
  • Ladies, the Annie Hall look is making a comeback!
  • “This may be the best gift ever invented!” – the Tie’s Creator